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Laurel 60ml

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“Laurel the gentle” (Laurus nobilis, by the Latin root Laur = Honour)has been known from the ancient times for its antiseptic, inflammatory and healing properties of its leaves and fruit, was used for the first time by Hippocrates and Dioskourides, for the production of medical supplies. In the folk medical pharmacology, it is regarded as an antirheumatic , soothing of tired muscles and joints, also working against deforming arthritis and helpful for digestion. Laurel’s leaves and fruit contain essential oils, alkaloids, tannins and fatty acids such as laourou, palmitic and olive acid. By the mechanical compression of fruit, we take the laurel oil and by the distillation of leaves we take the essence oil. In Mount Athos, excellent laurel oil is produced by boiling the fruit. The laurel’s extract works against the stomach’s bloat and whets the appetite. It is also precious for sniffle and bronchitis.

Laurel oil is one of the most popular traditional cosmetic formulations that have been used for hair’s care. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it stops the hair loss, it darkens the hair and makes it shine due to its softener and moisturizing benefits.



Apply a small quantity on your hair and massage it gently, wrap your hair with a warm towel and let it act at least for an hour. ( the warmth enhances its toning and healing action). If you have enough time, you can leave it on your hair during the whole night and wash it in the morning. However, bear in mind that if your hair is too greasy, the use of the laurel oil may cog the hair and intensify your hair’s greasiness. The <<secret>> to get rid of the oil after the treatment, is not to wet your hair before you put shampoo on it. Put as much shampoo as you wish on your hand, mix it with a little warm water and finally spread it on your greasy hair.