Calendula oil 60ml

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Calendula oil is derived from the lovely and simple marigold flowers. Or maybe these precious little flowers you picked as a youngster aren’t so ordinary after all! Calendula oil packs a punch in the skin care industry. This oil when properly and painstakingly distilled is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agent, and antiseptic. One of the complex characteristics of calendula oil responsible for these actions is a compound called triterpenoid. Whether your issues are dermatitis, eczema, diaper rash, irritated dry skin, or hemorrhoids, calendula will bring relief and health back to your world. Especially great for healing burns, and minor cuts and scrapes, the magic in the marigold has been used as far back as ancient times. Relief from inflammation has a positive effect on hundreds of skin ailments even allowing the slower spread of some skin diseases. In the world of essential oils Calendula is considered to be one of the most powerful contenders as a therapeutic remedy. Due to the anti-fungal properties of calendula it can be used to treat ringworm and athletes foot. The high content of antioxidants found in Calendula oil contributes to the cell regeneration aspect of the oil.

Some of these antioxidants are mucilage, carotenoids, saponin, and quercetin. Applying Score acne treatment to irritated feet directly out of the shower, while sitting of course…until the treatment is completely absorbed, you’ll find that callused feet, corns and planters warts can be treated.
Some of the uses and benefits of Calendula Oil are as follows:

– moisturizes dry cracked skin
– soothes insect bites
– scars
– swelling
– headaches
– rashes
– eczema
– viral infections
– inflammation
– anti-fungal
– stimulant
– removal of pf toxins
– antiseptic
– stimulates the lymphatic system
– helps bruises
– increases collagen production
– speeds the healing process
– treats jock itch
– counteracts age related skin thinning
– treats bed and pressure sores

There is quite a bit of interesting information about Calendula oil. The book ‘Prescription for Herbal Healing’ written by Phyllis A. Bach, offers some sage advice against the flesh eating disease known as Staphylococcus, Calendula oil, kills the nasty bacteria. It’s important to respect the herbs amazing qualities while also educating yourself. Marigolds dried flowers have been added to recipes in stews for many centuries as a protection against illnesses, but it is only in the past few hundred years that the scientific evidence of the truth behind the remedy has come to light. Calendula is now known among homeopathic herbalists as “The Mother of the skin.”