Royal Jelly Bio 60tabs

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Product Description

Royal jelly is secreted by bees and is the food of the queen. It will thus live 50 times longer than other bees!

It is a concentrate of vital elements: B vitamins (3-5-8-9), A, C, D, E
trace elements and minerals (copper, phosphorus, iron) amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Real nutritious cocktail, royal jelly is made up of B vitamins, trace elements and minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Royal jelly cure will allow you to fight against transient fatigue, regain tone and strengthen your body’s defenses and is particularly recommended in winter, period of declines in immune defenses. Easily transportable from the fresh royal jelly, lyophilized royal jelly is the ally of your tone. It is ideal for children, adults and the elderly.
To preserve all of its assets, it is preferable that it be lyophilized.

Royal jelly (150mg) – Rice flour organic – silicon dioxide – Capsule of vegetable origin: HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).
Directions for use

3-5 capsules per day