Sea Buckthorn Osmotic Dry 100g

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Product Description

Sweet and juicy drying Osmotic !!

The osmosis the process is completely physical and the fruit is soft and sweet but also because it is enriched with the juice.

Product Overview
Called the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas,” sea buckthorn berries contain a rare combination of antioxidants that provide a powerful defense against many health conditions. Our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries offer 12 times more Vitamin C than oranges, and a substantial amount more and than strawberries and kiwi fruit.

Product Description
High in the Himalayas, where cold climates prevail, sea buckthorn berries grow abundantly and are prized for their nutritive properties. The golden-orange berries were first discovered 1,200 years ago, and their health benefits are backed today by more than 120 scientific studies.

Product Highlights
100% pure
High in antioxidants
High in vitamin C

A Rare Source of Antioxidants
Our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries offer powerful antioxidant support for wide range of health conditions including cell mutation, skin disorders, weak immune system, burns and wounds, and degenerative diseases. Sea buckthorn berries are rich in some of the most rare antioxidants in the world, and they have been used to relieve a variety of illnesses. Cancer patients have seen bone marrow recovery after consuming sea buckthorn berries on a regular basis, and individuals suffering from liver disease, like cirrhosis, have found protection from their ailments.

The antioxidant strength of our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries is in part due to the berry’s high levels of Vitamin C, carotenoids, and phenolic compounds, which assist the body in preventing harmful toxins from invading and destroying healthy cells. Sea buckthorn berries can protect the skin from premature aging and reduce the effects of environmental pollution.

Complete Nutrition in One Super Berry
Just one serving a day of our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries provides the body with 42 lipids, Folic acid, tocopherols, phenols, flavonoids, tannins, and more than 20 vital minerals. Sea buckthorn berries are also a rare source of essential fatty acids. In fact, our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries are the only plant to have a complete profile of EFA’s, including Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9.

Sea buckthorn berries provide the body with more than 100 vitamins and nutrients like Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, K, and P as well as several amino acids. Our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries act as natural anti-inflammatory agents, healing gastrointestinal ulcers and relieving all-over body pain.

With daily consumption of our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries, many people notice improved cardiovascular health, normalizing of blood sugar, better digestion, increased energy, and better blood circulation. Studies have shown that consuming sea buckthorn berries regularly improves Central Nervous System function.

The “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas”
The native Tibetan people have revered the sea buckthorn berry for centuries. Ancient cultures knew the benefits of the unique berry and documented its healing powers in texts thousands of years as a natural medicine to cure cough, promote digestion, and improve blood circulation. First discovered by the Greeks 1,200 years ago, the sea buckthorn berry is primarily cultivated in China and Mongolia today.

Our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries make a wonderful snack eaten alone, and they also blend well into muffins, pancakes, and trail mixes. Try our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries as an alternative to raisins for a healthy, natural treat for children.

Possible Benefits
While much research is still being conducted, some of the possible health benefits of our Organic Sea Buckthorn Berries may include:

High in a variety of antioxidants
Contains all essential fatty acids
May be beneficial in improving cardiovascular health
May be effective in normalizing blood sugar
May be useful for digestion
May increase energy
May help improve blood circulation
Contains a huge variety of minerals and vitamins
Studies indicate that it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties
May be useful in treating ulcers
Traditionally used for internal and topical therapy for a variety of skin disorders
May be effective in relieving cough and chronic pain
May be helpful in promoting skin health, including treatment of acne, dermatitis, or eczema
May help to heal stretch marks or burns
May signal the body to stop storing unnecessary fat
May enhance cellular rejuvenation
Studies have shown it to improve brain and nervous system function
Often used as a natural energy booster
May be effective in improving nervous system health