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Brazil is a gold mine for some of the worlds best medicinal herbs. So many of them are outstanding in one way or another, but Suma Root, or Brazilian Ginseng, is one of my favorites. In Portuguese, Suma Root is known as “para tudo” which translates to “for everything”.  In Brazil,  has been used for just about anything for many generations throughout history.

It is reputation consists of a long list of uses for conditions such as blood sugar, hormones, skin disorders, blood pressure, fatigue, anemia, decreased libido and impotence, mood, and immune complications.  In fact, studies have been done showing that exposure to Suma had an immune system enhancing effect on mice and led to an increase in macrophage activity as well as increased the amount of NK (Natural Killer) cells.

More than anything, Suma Root is known for its adaptogenic properties. An adapdogenic herb is special because of its ability to strongly influence the body to properly adapt during times of stress and change.

The body is always undergoing change and stress in many forms which makes an adaptogenic herbs so valuable in maintaining good health. An adaptogenic herb is classified by its ability to encompass the well being of the entire system as well as focus on which ever system or organ is most in need at the time. It should be able to be used on a regular, but reasonable basis, without being toxic to the system. And finally, it creates homoeostasis within the body. In other words it restores the many balancing factors in the system that are necessary to achieve optimal health.

Suma root is high in antioxidants, contains at least 19 different amino acids and has lots of vitamins and minerals. Some of these are vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K, iron, zinc, and silica. It is also high in germanium which helps boost the immune system.

Just how many uses Suma Root has is undetermined.  Over all, Suma Root is endless in its many healing properties and abilities to create balance and harmony within the body.

Suma Root is included in two of RidgeCrests formulas: Adrenal Fatigue Fighter and Thyroid Thrive for similar results considering the Thyroid and Adrenals have a codependent relationship. Suma provides these formulas with adaptogenic properties that provide support for stress relief, hormone balance, and increasing energy levels.

How to use: 1 to 2 tsp. in water after eating.