Sunflower seeds Bio 250g

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Sunflower seeds – fantastic properties:

– Sunflower seeds – anticancer properties: it seems that there is a strong correlation between selenium deficiency and cancer, it helps to regenerate cells and inhibition of cancer development. A quarter cup of sunflower seeds gives you more than a third of your daily requirement of selenium, with high content of vitamin E, helps reduce the risk of developing cancer, especially of the colon or prostate.
– Sunflower seeds – essential properties against cardiovascular disease: great source of vitamin E, magnesium and fiber, eating sunflower seeds help neutralize free radicals, reduces bad cholesterol in the body, regulates blood pressure and decreases the risk of atherosclerosis , heart attack or stroke.
– Sunflower seeds – bone health beneficial properties: due to large amounts of calcium and magnesium, eating sunflower seeds regularly strengthens and protects the bones and muscles, maintaining tissue elasticity.
– Sunflower seeds – energy properties: due to large amounts of tryptophan, essential amino acid that stimulates production of serotonin, eating sunflower seeds removed pronounced fatigue, alleviate stress, prevent and combat depression. Moreover, sunflower seeds have proved effective in combating headaches and improve vision.

– Sunflower seeds – anti-inflammatory properties: the large amount of vitamin E present in sunflower seeds is essential in relieving symptoms of asthma or arthritis. They are also excellent in terms of nutrition, with a high content of protein, fiber, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat.

However, attention to excesses, because 100g sunflower seeds contain about 580 calories.