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Walnut Oil

Walnut oil is a nut oil obtained from walnuts. Depending on the varieties of walnuts, there are some types of walnut oils. It is a good source of omega – 3 fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids. So the body needs to get them from diet. Walnut oil has a nutty flavor and a light aroma. Walnut oil makes a nice base oil ( carrier oil ) for massage and aromatherapy uses. It is used as a cosmetic ingredient in many skin care products. This oil has immense nutritional value and is safe to be taken in diet.


Common walnut oil has the following therapeutic properties, which make it useful for personal use and as ingredient in medicinal products, even home remedies.

  • Antiseptic – reduces the risk of catching an infection on an open wound.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Because of omega – 3 fatty acids in walnut oil, it is strongly anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-bacterial – kills many strains of bacteria.
  • Anti-fungal – Walnut oil is a strong anti-fungal, especially against Candida fungus.
  • Laxative – promotes regular emptying of bowels.
  • Analgesic – natural pain reliever.
  • Antihypertriglyceridemic – reduces the risk of developing high triglycerides in blood.
  • Anti-ageing – can slow down ageing from within.
  • Skin regenerative – It promotes the regeneration of skin cells to replace dead, shedding cells.
  • Skin toner – helps one achieve toned skin which fights sagging in skin.
  • Emollient – fine moisturizer of skin.
  • Anti-cancer – Walnut oil may have potential anti-cancer properties against a wide range of cancers. These are being evaluated. This can be attributed to the omega-3 fatty acids and other phytonutrients in walnut oil like ellagitannins. [2]
  • Antioxidant – mops up free radicals before they cause damage to the DNA and the mitochondria of our cells.
  • Weight Loss – Walnut oil may have weight loss, similar to green tea .
  • Wood finishing agent – Walnut oil polishes wood and makes it look better. It keeps the wood protected.
  • Paint thinner – removes color from paint brushes like nothing else.