Personal Cook

Reserve a table in the cozy restaurant of… your home and taste high standards specialties by the magical hands of your personal chef!

Personal Cooking by Antonis Fustania offers an innovative service that gives the ability to enjoy gastronomy of high standards at your place. Personal cooking gives you the opportunity to get a taste of your favorite specialties which are made of carefully chosen and mostly local biological ingredients and cooked straightaway. In this way, you make sure that the menu perfectly responds to your needs and desire for delight.

Depending on your taste preferences, Personal Cooking gets the gastronomic direction that you will give it, by selecting among Mediterranean Greek creative, French, Italian and Asian cuisine or even nutrition programs for detoxification, weight loss, practice or acquisition of a healthy nutrition lifestyle based on Superfoods.

Personal cook undertakes the coverage of receptions, events and dinners with a personal cook at your space while its services are applied in national level, upon request.